Luci D'Artista Card

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Luci D'Artista Card 2017

It is the cultural tourism card of Salerno, emitted and managed by the Municipality of Salerno, offering discounts and services to tourists, visitors and citizens, to enjoy the beauties of the Luci d'Artista and the City event together with the cultural attractions of Campania. It is available at a cost of ? 5,00, valid maximum for two people, marked by an identification number and can only be used by the holder of the same for the purposes indicated below. The liability of any other use that is not in accordance with what expressly indicated, even by third parties, will be charged to the card holder. It is not transferable and the discount can not be combined with other ongoing promotions. SALERNO LUCI D'ARTISTA CARD is valid from 1 November 2017 to 30 October 2018 and is active at the time of reception. The Card will be available online on the official website of the Municipality of Salerno or through the Official App of the Artist Lights.

Card Holders will benefit from discounts on:

  • Museums and cultural attractions
  • Business activities
  • Handicrafts
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels and B & Bs
  • Parking
  • Events and Experiences

* 15% discount on the purchase of goods / services to performers and record the card at the points of sale (updated online list).

* 20% discount on the cost of parked parking operated by Salerno Mobility in the automated perimeter areas of Foce Irno - Mazzini - Concordia - Under the Concordia.

* Dedicated entry tickets to Museums / Events / Attractions to the holders of the CARD Salerno Art Lights (updated online list and dedicated ticket cost).

The activities, businesses and organizations involved in the initiative will exhibit the glassfancy identifying the promotion.
SALERNO LISTA D'ARTISTA CARD will have to show and read paper, paper or virtual (on smartphones) at the time of purchase and allow it to be scanned by the SALERNO LISTA D'ARTISTA CARD of the operator that only in this way can verify its validity (the APP will report the CARD activated in the previous edition).