Bike Sharing

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Bike Sharing Salerno

The Bike Sharing of the City of Salerno is an innovative urban mobility project that involves the implementation of at least 3 photovoltaic cycles located at the city's strategic points:
  • Cycle Station 1: Via Giuseppe Odierno (near the "Crescent")
  • Cycle Station 2: Via Lungomare Tafuri corner Via Clemente MAuro (near Piazza della Concordia)
  • Cycle Station 3: Piazza della Libertà (pastena- intersection Via R. Mauri / Via Trento)

The project envisages the gradual implementation of other Cyclostats in such a way as to serve both flat and hill areas. Whoever uses the service can take the bike to any Cycle Station and return it to any other than having a free position. BkS is the best solution to help make the city of Salerno less polluted, more sustainable and is also a real public transport system to be used for short, alternative and / or complementary shifts to other traditional urban transport systems. >