Bike Sharing

Bike Sharing Salerno

The Bike Sharing of the City of Salerno is an innovative urban mobility project that involves the implementation, in its initial phase, of 3 photovoltaic Cyclostations located in strategic points of the city:
Ciclostazione n.1: Via Giuseppe Odierno (near the "Crescent")
Ciclostazione n.2: Via Lungomare Tafuri corner Via Clemente MAuro (near Piazza della Concordia)
Ciclostazione n.3: Piazza della Libertà (Pastena- crossing Via R. Mauri / Via Trento)
The project foresees the gradual subsequent implementation of other Cyclostations in such a way as to serve both the flat areas and those located in the hilly area. Who uses the service can take the bike in any Ciclostazione and return it in any other that has a free post. BkS is the best solution to help make the city of Salerno less polluted, more sustainable and is also a real public transport system to be used for short trips, alternative and / or complementary to other traditional urban transport systems.